Budgeting Forecasting and Cost Control Management Techniques 1 – 3 November, 2017 |The Resource Space, Lagos Nigeria


The present market fundamentals call for constant value chain revaluation amongst enterprising entities to stay relevant in the business environment.  At this critical business intersection where uncertainties pervade the global economics creating dilemma on the application of right policy instrument, the energy dynamics is not insulated from this downturn. But has rather exacerbate it, industry practitioner will have to resource expertise to earnestly tackle this impending menace by rebooting the corporate strategy using a sound budgeting and forecasting mechanism.

This course has been carefully designed to holistically look at the budgeting and forecasting process as a tool to optimize the critical decision making in the management system.  Participants will be exposed during facilitation led and practical session, to the principles of budgeting and forecasting and the practical application of these to real-world situations.


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Provide an introduction to budgeting for newcomers to the budgeting process since the programme assumes little prior experience or familiarity with accounting.
  • build sophisticated budgets and forecasts in the context of the oil & gas industry
  • improve efficiencies in the budgeting and forecasting processes by gaining valuable skills
  • learn how to allow for uncertainty and model different business scenarios
  • to apply a sound methodology that will allow complex budget and forecast models that are flexible, robust and user-friendly
  • analyze data to determine trends and using these to forecast future performance
  • utilize external data to enhance the accuracy of forecasts
  • determine which budget methodology applies best in different situations


Our programmes are a significant investment for your workforce. They are designed to fill identified industry knowledge gap and provide hands-on applicable know-how that gives participants a deeper insight on their deliverables. The various modules are cultured to encourage stakeholders to aspire the attainment of operational efficiency along the business chain.


  • Business unit & Departmental Manager who wants to better understand budgeting & forecasting
  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Finance Managers & Financial Controllers
  • Budgeting/Forecasting Managers

Financial Advisors & Managers


1st  – 3rd November 2017


Lagos state.


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